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My Conservatism

I got involved in politics in 2016 for the first time in my life because I became aware that my country is spiritually sick. I had been hearing about it for years from Christians and other conservatives, but for the first time I felt it in my gut. Continue reading “My Conservatism”


He Fights

Below are excerpts from a beautiful article by Evan Sayet on that explains how some of us rationalize our support of Trump.  Continue reading “He Fights”

The Protection of Men

Below is a recent email I sent to a family member, with whom I had been discussing the meaning of Trump’s missile strike in Syria.  I have changed the names of people within our circle.

Dear Maggie, Continue reading “The Protection of Men”

For Love of My Tribe

My mother raised me to be color and gender blind.  I was never, in my family of origin, encouraged to be tribal, to look out for the interests of white people Continue reading “For Love of My Tribe”

Pain and Regret

What’s happening to Donald Trump?  He had a rare reflective moment today, Continue reading “Pain and Regret”

The Moral Case for Trump

Offensive vs. Immoral
Much of the criticism of Trump is his style.  To many people, he is rude.  But many Continue reading “The Moral Case for Trump”

More Truth From Sheriff Clarke

“That black dads were not featured at the Democrat convention is why we have Mike Brown, Eric Garner and Freddie Gray”

Continue reading “More Truth From Sheriff Clarke”

Man vs. Boy

In the below video:

A Man scolds a boy.

A Patriot questions the loyalty of a weasel.

Strong Masculine is seated along side of weak Feminine.   Continue reading “Man vs. Boy”

Toxin #3: Political Correctness

We have taken political correctness to a toxic extreme in our country, to the point of paralysis.  Continue reading “Toxin #3: Political Correctness”

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