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CulpLove2020 Banner Bomb

We made a banner to promote our man for governor of Washington State.

Terry Hoffman and Andrew Maxwell holding the brand new banner

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Culp Poster Campaign Week 1

Day 1 Saturday October 17

Casey Hubbard and I started the Culp poster campaign in Pioneer Square in Seattle.

The Poster

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To My Dear Democrat Friends and Family,

An Open Letter to my Lefty Loved Ones

I want to reassure you all that the world will not end when Trump wins again. In fact, an era of prosperity, lifting many many boats, will resume, and peace will return to the land.

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Scientists Don’t Promise Vaccines

This is a letter I wrote to an elderly dear old friend who lives alone and has been quarantining herself for Covid, afraid to go mingle with people. She is terrified of the virus and has put her life on hold.

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Racial Inflammation

“Black Lives Matter” doesn’t give a damn about black people.  If they did, they would attack black problems at their roots.  But they don’t.  They are not moved by compassion, nor are they informed by wisdom.  They don’t want to fix things.  They don’t know how to fix things.  They only inflame and destroy.   Continue reading “Racial Inflammation”

Analysis of the Soleimani Killing

Below is my response to reading this collection of five short essays, published by the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies in Israel, analyzing the recent killing of Iranian General Quassem Soleimani: Continue reading “Analysis of the Soleimani Killing”

My Biases

Below is a letter I wrote to a liberal family member who, in a recent phone conversation, seemed genuinely curious about why I support Trump. My email to her turned into an essay, and so I decided to publish it here. Continue reading “My Biases”

Sex From a Good Man’s Perspective

Cold, hard, biological facts about men and women and sex

A good man is a provider and protector.

A good man wants a legacy. He wants to leave his mark and be respected. Continue reading “Sex From a Good Man’s Perspective”

Why We Are Faithful

Why Believe in God?
For our Health. For the sake of Tranquility.

How do we describe Christians? Continue reading “Why We Are Faithful”

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