None of our past three presidents was a man’s man.  None of them were leaders.  All three of them were weaklings.

Obama has an inspirational personal story, and is an eloquent speaker, but he is not a leader.  His personality does not inspire people.  He was a powerful symbol as a candidate, a wonderful example of the opportunity that America can offer, but temperamentally, he is an effeminate, nerdy beta male.   Beyond his race and his incredible story, he does not light a fire in the belly of the average person.

Bill Clinton was a lady’s man.  He may be the very personification of “pussy-whipped.”  He grew up in the company of women and remained, well into his adulthood, perhaps to this day, enslaved to the feminine.  His many “bimbo eruptions” are testaments to his subservience to women, proof of his constant need for validation from them.  Not a man’s man.

Bush 43 may temperamentally have been an alpha personality type, but like Clinton, he never grew into full manhood.   He was an underdeveloped, spoiled boy who didn’t have his ass sufficiently kicked.  He strutted like a rooster, but he never earned his feathers.  He hadn’t a clue about how the world actually works.  A lot of people are clueless about how the world works.  Mercifully, most of them are kept far from the levers of power.  Tragically, Bush 43 had a great military apparatus at his disposal, and some terribly unrealistic advisors, combined with the very understandable post-traumatic aftermath of 9/11.  And so propelled, and so unqualified, and so ill-advised, he made a royal mess of things, the hangover from which will be felt by America, and the world, for a good long while yet.

None of these three men were leaders.  None of them lit a fire in the bellies of the common folk.

Bush 41 was temperamentally a beta male, but he was very intelligent and well seasoned, a cultured man and a dedicated, lifelong public servant.  He was well-versed in the workings of the world.  He was not a natural leader, but he kept a steady hand.

Ronald Reagan was America’s last alpha male president.  Reagan was a man’s man, and a great inspiration to the rank and file.  He had a great mission, an epic war to fight, and he fought it vigorously.  He restored America’s prestige and its sense of its own greatness.  Reagan put fear into our enemies, as any good protector does.

The conditions in America today are similar to the conditions when Reagan was a candidate in 1980:  A mild-mannered, effeminate Democrat resides in the White House.  This Democrat followed a disgraced Republican.  The nation had been demoralized and exhausted by a misconceived war.  The sitting Democrat president was elected partly in a desire to heal from that war.  But the Democrat president was perceived as weak.  America’s morale sagged, and our enemies no longer feared us.  The nation craved an alpha male leader who would restore pride and respect to the country.

We the people don’t decide who is going to run for president.  All we can do is pick from the crop of flawed individuals that is offered to us.

I remember in 2000, how unhappy I was with our choices for president.  I wanted neither Bush nor Gore.  I thought they were both weaklings.  I was embarrassed for my country.

This year, there has been an immense range of choices.  All personality types.  Both genders, on both sides.  Insurgents on both sides.  Several archetypal characters:  A socialist.  A feminist.  A chauvinist.  A preacher.  Senators.  Governors.  CEO’s.  Alpha dogs.  Wimps.  Nice guys.  Mean guys.  We’ve never had this rich a crop.  It’s been a hell of a year.

Every once in a while a larger-than-life, ultra-dominant personality comes along, a protector, a fighter, one who unapologetically tells it like it is, who stirs the hearts of the common folk.  The last time it happened it was 36 years ago.