There is a great paradox, and a great challenge, in the evolution of human societies.  For successful societies, there are two simultaneous forces pulling in opposite directions.  The balancing, the harmonization, of those two forces is an existential imperative for any society, if it is to survive.

Successful conquest (a masculine expression) is often followed by settlement and softening and tolerance (feminine expressions) which, if left unchecked, result in degradation and vulnerability of the society to conquest by aggressive outsiders.

The flowering of the masculine is often followed by the flowering of the feminine, which can lead to the decline and weakness of the society.

Rich societies tend to become feminized.  For our purposes here, we define feminization as cultural softening.  Evolving from martial (masculine) toward nurturing (feminine).

For an industrial society, feminization is inevitable.  It is essential, even.  To enable the diversification of skills, to make possible things like science, letters, arts, faith, and industry, all the great flowers of civilization, many people must leave the martial and agricultural professions, and go into more refined, cerebral, protected lines of work, into the office or academy.  Into thought work.

But as a society evolves toward thought work, it also evolves toward weakness.  If it forgets its martial roots, the masculine virtues that made it successful in the first place, it will become lazy in protecting what it has.

Thinkers tend to be passive.  They tend not to be fighters.  But you need fighters to protect you.  Everyone does, in every family, in every city, and in every nation.

People who have lost, or never cultivated in the first place, their ability to fight, tend to not be good protectors.  They tend to believe that everyone else is a peace-lover like themselves.

The blubber from the flabby bodies of these dreamy thinkers can provide the grease on the skids down which a society can slide straight to hell.

A successful society must balance its thinkers and its fighters.  Its nurturers and its protectors.