I’ve met a lot of white people who hate white people.  Yes, you heard that right:  White haters of white people.  It sounds strange, and it is.  But it exists, big time.  It’s fashionable, even, to be a white person who castigates whiteness.

For many white people, castigating whiteness is a way to let people know they’re caring, and concerned.  As if.

Some of the white white-haters are guilt-ridden.  They believe guilt is a virtue.  They believe they can atone for historical sins by denying or berating themselves.   They believe it makes them a better person if they flog themselves for public benefit.

A white person who hates white people is a self-hater.  This is a sad thing.  To hate the color of your own skin is a miserable condition to live in.

Similarly, there are gender self-haters.  Just as there are white people who hate whiteness, there are men who hate maleness.

Imagine being a white male and hating both whiteness and maleness.  I see this around me.  It breaks my heart.  People who hate themselves doubly.  This is the saddest condition I can imagine:  hating both your color and your gender.

Many men do the gender self-hatred self-flagellation.  Many men hate men, or they say they do.

Why do they do it?  Some, I’m convinced, do it for sex.  I believe some men think it’s a form of chivalry, to berate their own masculinity.  They think the girls will like them if they berate themselves.

White-haters and male-haters will sometimes hurl about such inane declarations as:  “Our society was built on oppression!”  Such statements dis-empower people.  They are helpful to no-one.  They encourage no one, of any race, to take responsibility for their lives.  They are just airy, abstract sentiments expressed by juvenile fools.  The people making these declarations are usually coddled, spoiled students or intellectuals who have spent their entire lives clinging to mommy or sheltered in the academy, cut off from the real world.