I’ve heard that white supremacists are excited about Trump.

I’m white.  I enthusiastically supported Obama’s candidacy in 2008.  Now I’m attracted to Trump, for much better reasons than I supported Obama.

A lot of white-hating black people supported Obama’s candidacy.  I didn’t care.  It didn’t matter to me that there was a constituency of Obama’s with which I was incompatible.  I just wanted someone fresh, someone who listened well, someone intelligent, someone who would have a sensible foreign policy, after the nation-smashing disaster of Bush 43.

And foolishly, I realize in hindsight, I hoped Obama, because of his mixed race and the lofty sentiments expressed in his speeches, would help ameliorate racial tension in America.

Now I realize the absurdity of this.  It is a myth I wanted to believe in.

I don’t think my hope was foolish because I believe Obama is a bad man who had ill will for our country.  I think it was foolish because I believed that Obama’s mixed race meant that he was particularly capable.  Of anything.  I believed that Obama, by virtue of being half black and half white, was in a unique position to mediate between black and white folks in America.  But that’s a ridiculous idea.

And apart from my coming to terms with that unrealistic expectation, reality has taught me something worse:  The opposite of racial reconciliation has happened under Obama’s presidency.  Race relations are worse in America today than they were when he came into office.  And I think he continuously exacerbates the situation.  Obama has been bad for race relations in America.

I still think Obama meant well.  But I just don’t think he’s executive material.  I don’t think he’s competent to lead a nation.  I dislike his ideas, his lack of depth, his excessive idealism, his blindness.  Not only are race relations worse in America today, but there is immeasurably more chaos and misery in the world than when he came into office.  I was hoping he wouldn’t screw things up worse than Bush did, but he did.

That said, I think John McCain would have been worse, militarily.  I think McCain would have bombed, invaded, and occupied more countries.  I think he would have projected America into places it didn’t belong, and sown chaos, even more recklessly than Obama did.

I don’t think our presidential choices were very good in 2008.

I’ve become less idealistic, less dreamy, more conservative, and more nationalistic, in the Obama years.  For example, I now believe law and order is absolutely critical.  It is the most important, and the most compassionate, policy of government.  If a government can’t keep order, if it can’t keep its citizens safe, then it is not a government, and the people will suffer.  This is happening in America now.  Law and order is breaking down in several American cities.  And American citizens are suffering because of it.

I don’t care what race the president is.  I don’t think it matters.  Ideas and ability matter to me.  Order matters.  Safety matters.  Realism in foreign policy matters.  Jobs matter.  Passionate advocacy for America matters.

Perhaps there are white supremacists who are happy that Trump has arrived.  Perhaps they see it as the delivery of an Aryan prophecy.  I don’t care.  For my part, I just want someone competent, who is a passionate champion of America, someone who will not insinuate our nation into foreign civil wars, someone who will not leave chaos in his wake.  I want someone who will unswervingly dedicate himself to the safety of, and advocacy for, our nation.

Of the current choices, Trump is the only one who speaks to these things in ways that are meaningful to me.  The fact that he’s white is incidental.  If white supremacists help him to get elected, then I will make common cause with them during the election cycle.  Because I think it is a moral imperative that someone of his abilities, his realism, his passion, and his energy is elected.