Five things I wish the next president would do

You never get everything you want in a President.  We can only pick from what is offered to us.  Sometimes we can only pick from the lesser of two fools and hope for the best.  Sometimes we really like something about a particular candidate, and really dislike something else about that same candidate.  So we are conflicted.  It’s messy.  It is a blunt instrument, the vote.  No candidate will give us everything.

It takes a certain insanity to be a politician.  Who would want that kind of scrutiny?  Who would want to be followed by a bunch of pimping journalists all day, every day?  Who would want to talk so damn much, to make so many damn speeches?  Who would want to be expected to be an expert on everything?  You’d have to be mad to subject yourself to that.  I simultaneously pity, fear, and am in awe of anybody who can do it.  Politicians are an animal much different from me.

They can’t possibly deliver everything they promise.  I know they are over-promising.  They all do it.

So I try to keep my expectations low, and my grains of salt in a bucket at my side.

But if I got everything I wanted in a President, it would be these five things:

1.  Institute realistic, efficient, compassionate, non-invasive American foreign policy.  Stop the idealistic adventurism.  Withdraw from ideological engagements, engage only in practical ones.

2.  Destroy political correctness domestically.  Fight against the anti-free-speech fascists who have been choking the life out of American discourse for decades.  Shatter their sensitivities.  Detonate their “safe spaces.”  De-infantilize our young people.

3.  Get a grip on immigration.  Secure the borders.  Protect the polity from invasion.  Have absolute control over who comes into the country.

4.  Keep our citizens safe from harming each other.  Recognize that order is compassion, that order is the very first, most essential function of government.  Empower, trust, and celebrate cops.

5.  Be a champion of Manufacturing and of the working class.  Promote America’s industrial might in the world.