Black lives most definitely matter.  The safety and security of black Americans is of utmost importance, and is most certainly in jeopardy.  It the business of the government, at all levels, to address this problem, and to provide for the safety and security of black Americans.

Ironically, and tragically, however, the net result of the “Black LIves Matter” movement is that more black people will get killed.  Indeed it is happening now.  BLM is causing black people to die.

The central premise of “Black Lives Matter” is that white cops are the chief threat to the safety of  black people.  It is a silly, erroneous, and dangerous idea.

The truth is, in many communities in America, cops are all that stand between many black people and violence.

Here is Jason Riley, a black conservative writer for the Wall Street Journal, explaining what poses the greatest threat to young black men:

It is the job of cops to keep neighborhoods safe.  Many black communities in America are overwhelmingly dangerous places.  Dangerous for black people who live there, and dangerous for anybody who tries to keep order.

But BLM blames it all on the cops.

When you listen to the leaders of BLM, it becomes clear that they are whiny, spoiled kids, arrested in a juvenile or even toddler stage of intellectual development.  Caught up in abstract theory, coddled and encouraged by elaborate and impractical academic notions about how social justice ought to operate in an ideal world.  They are blind to, and ungrateful for, the many blessings and opportunities that surround them.

Many of the demands of the leadership of BLM fit the classic model of the spoiled, tantrum-throwing, boundary-less child.

Much of the perpetual grievance industries operate on ideas that have no bearing on how the world works, and no clue of the true roots of the struggles of black Americans and the violence that plagues many of their neighborhoods.

Because BLM’s central premise is vilification of police, and because some cities have foolishly acquiesced to their childish demands that police withdraw from enforcement of the law, the upshot of BLM is that it is leading to far more dangerous conditions in black neighborhoods.

Because of BLM, murder rates are up, after 25 years of decline, in several American cities.

The leadership of BLM are not engaged in practical solutions.  They are fixated on discredited theories, the application of which is causing harm.

If BLM patrolled black neighborhoods, if they got involved in schools, and helped black people get jobs, and helped black people get off drugs, in other words, if they were engaged in practical practical problem solving for black folks, instead of staging childish pranks and disruptive tantrums, then I would be convinced that they really cared about the lives of black Americans. But all they do is angrily, disruptively, and violently present their overwrought interracial grievances.  Their tactics only make things worse and they make themselves look like fools.

If we genuinely care about the well-being of black folks in America, then we must reject false and dangerous ideas, we must stop paying attention to intellectually lazy grievance mongers, and we must fearlessly confront the real threats to the safety of blacks in many American cities.

It is the job of government to provide safety and security for all communities.  We must demand a high standard of safety and security for all Americans, of all colors.  And we must support our cops.