We love our rogues for President.  We love our bad boys.  We love swagger.  We love the ones who break the rules, and don’t apologize.  It’s part of the American mythos.  Our nation was born in rebellion.  We love our Rebels.

America’s Rogue Presidents in the last 56 Years
Kennedy.  Catholic!  Skirt chaser.  A disruptor.
Johnson.  Apparently he was a bully who would pull out his Johnson at times, to make a point.  Johnson’s Johnson.
Nixon.  Established many legacies counter to what was expected of him.  Bucked many expectations of his party.
Reagan.  A towering bad boy.  Bucked his own establishment.  Most certainly one of the greatest of all time.
Clinton.  Our first rock-and-roll president.  Pot smoker, chick magnet, sax player.  I used to say he was Elvis, and the Republicans were pissed that Elvis was a Democrat.
Bush 43.  A bad boy, born-again.  The Republicans countered the Democrats’ Elvis with their own half-baked version of James Dean.  I always pictured George W. Bush wearing a leather jacket, revving his motorcycle, calling to his girl to get on.
Obama?  It could be argued that McCain was the greater rogue, but in 2008 Obama was so disruptive, such a fresh face in the mix, that he ended up making McCain look like a grumpy old coot.
Partly Obama seemed squeaky clean, heralding a fresh tomorrow.  But he would strap on the street cred at times: “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”  That’s some roguishness.  You go, Obama!  Ultimately, he is pretty sterile and ineffectual, but back in 2008 he represented a radical leap into the future.


So what’s next, America?  Gonna go the roguish route again?  Or with the tried-and-true?

If the past half-century is any indication, I predict you’ll go rogue.  You just love your bad boys.