When a Protector is called a Hater

Actually, open borders aren’t the toxin.  Our open border is the vector, the syringe, by which the toxin is injected into the body of our country.

Donald Trump wants to protect America.  In the hundreds of times he has expressed this sentiment, he has said it inelegantly perhaps a handful of times.  But the sentiment, stated repeatedly and consistently, is the same, and is profoundly moral and existentially important:  He wants America to be safe.  This is a healthy impulse, a sign of vitality.  It is not a weakness.  It is a strength, a power, that we have allowed to go flaccid.

The most basic function of government is to protect its constituents from harm.  If a government cannot protect its people, then there is no government, there is no country, there is no people.  There is only chaos and misery.

Every nation, every people, every tribe, since the beginning of time, has been threatened by outsiders.  Every nation needs to protect itself from aggression.  A nation that does not protect itself is a nation that has given up on its existence.  Such a nation is merely food for outsiders to plunder.

When a nation lets its guard down, it gets invaded.  That is the nature of nations, and the nature of invaders.  It has ever been this way, and it will always be thus.

American Security is as simple as this:
We Americans are a people.  All of us.  Look at a map of North America.  Draw a line around the United States, and say, “Everyone within this line is American.  We are loyal to and will protect everyone inside this line.”

That a politician who pledges to fiercely protect his nation’s constituents is called a hater, or a racist, or a xenophobe, this is a sign of a moral breakdown, a failure of faith, a spiritual sickness, in the country.  It is a sign of surrender.  It is a malignant sissification, a lethal vulnerability.

Trump makes Obama look like a pansy, a weakling, like someone who doesn’t care what happens to Americans.  Perhaps Obama does care, but next to Trump’s passion, Obama’s aloofness about our borders looks very very bad.

An undeniable truth in the last several decades is that we have been sloppy with our boundaries.  We have done a shitty job of securing our nation and protecting our people.  We have grown soft and casual in our enforcement of our borders, and overly generous to outsiders.

America does not owe sanctuary to the world.  We are not a dumping ground.  There are limits to our generosity, to our capacity to absorb foreigners.  Sometimes, for our own protection, for the sake of the tranquility and safety and morale of our people, we need to slow down or stop the flow of incoming migrants.  It is absolutely imperative that every nation reserve this prerogative.  This is one of those times.

We are in at a critical moment, near a moral tipping point.  We need to take seriously the concerns of our people and the health of our great national experiment.  We must look out for our own.  It is overdue.