We have taken political correctness to a toxic extreme in our country, to the point of paralysis.  To the point where we are just indulging the incessant tantrums, and ever-more-hysterical demands, of larvae, of people arrested in development.

It’s not Right vs. Left.  It’s not Male vs. Female.  It’s not Black vs. White.  It’s not Christendom vs. Islam.  It’s Adults vs. Children.  Little kids running rampant, tyrannizing with their tantrums.  And we, the neglectful, indulgent, irresponsible adults, are allowing these tantrum-throwers to set policy.

Just as it is not in a family’s interest to let their children determine how they shall be raised, it is not in a nation’s interest to yield policy-making to the demands of puerile imbeciles.

Our kids are, because they are kids, only partially formed.  They are larvae.  We are responsible for their growth.  We are responsible for setting firm boundaries for them so they can develop into responsible, contributing adults.

We do not set firm boundaries for our kids.  We let them run amok.  We absolutely must meet childish tantrums with firm boundaries.  People who throw tantrums are crying out for structure and we are not providing it.  We have shirked our responsibilities.

When people whine in this country, we give them a cookie.  So what does that teach them about where cookies come from?

We need to break our young people out of this spiral into selfishness and narcissism.  It is a sickness that has gotten out of control.  It is a cancer.

We indulge the most absurd of grievances.  We treat everyone like babies.  And so they stay babies.  It does not serve young adults to be treated this way.  It makes them useless and a burden to society.

It is very important to offend people’s delicate sensitivities.  It is important to burst the childish bubbles of young adults.  When a child comes of age, it is essential to stop indulging fantasies about how the world ought to work in some fairy tale.

America is the greatest, most generous, most abundant, most colorful, resplendent, opportunity-filled nation in the history of humanity.  More dreams have come true here per capita than any other place, ever, hands down.  There isn’t even a close second in comparison.  We live in a land of immense blessings.  We are so immersed in it that we can’t see it sometimes.

We all have our “first world problems,”  problems of the privileged, that we occasionally whine about.  It’s important, when we catch ourselves, or our friends and loved ones, whining about trivial inconveniences, to remember how very blessed we are, and to laugh at ourselves.

And yet…there is so much whining, so much gnashing and wailing among our privileged, spoiled young people about the injustice of it all.  The irony is inexpressible.  And it is profoundly nauseating.  It is rot in our corpus.  It needs to be answered, and excised.  Or we’re finished.

Many of our young people are imbeciles.  Tough love is called for.  Real, honest smackdowns are called for.  Boot camp is called for.  Literally.  Our young people, the whiniest of them, don’t know hardship.  They are spoiled rotten.  They need to be met with firmness, clarity, structure, and struggle.  They need to be put to work.  Hard, physical work.  This is how undisciplined larvae are transformed into functional, contributing adults.