In the below video:

A Man scolds a boy.

A Patriot questions the loyalty of a weasel.

Strong Masculine is seated along side of weak Feminine.  

A mealy-mouthed, dissembling, subjective beta male looks like an ass next to a clear speaking, angry, objective Alpha male.

An honorable man of conviction has contempt for a man with no discernible spine.

A man of Reason shines unflattering light on a man of Emotion.

A Protector is seated next to an Enabler.

A free man, unbound by political correctness, is conversing with a fearful, enslaved man, a man who has nailed his own feet to the floor.

The Solution is seated next to the Problem.

America needs more Sheriff Clarkes, and fewer Don Lemons.  The Don Lemons of this nation are worthless drains on society.  There is an epidemic of Don Lemons in our nation today.

We have a crisis of masculinity in our country.  There aren’t enough grown men.  Our men have lost conviction, they have lost discipline, they have lost Honor.  They have lost Dignity.  They have lost their impulse to protect and to serve.

This is particularly true among blacks.  There aren’t enough grown black men to teach the boys respect.  Black-on-black violence is through the roof, far, far worse than for any other race.  Black men abandon their families at an alarming rate.  75% of black families are fatherless.  This is a huge problem.  This, not racism, not rogue cops, is at the root of the struggle of black Americans.

There is no way to address the problems among black Americans without addressing a) the epidemic of fatherless black families and b) black-on-black violence.  Any conversation about the problems of black Americans that does not address these two alarming trends is not a serious conversation.

The solution to the violent breakdown of our society is more authority, not less.  More masculine power.  More structure.  More discipline.  We need more grown men in charge.