Offensive vs. Immoral
Much of the criticism of Trump is his style.  To many people, he is rude.  But many of the things he has spoken against are grossly immoral.  We’d rather have a rude person who criticizes that which is immoral, than a polite person who defends, promotes, or stands passive to immorality.

Compassionate Military Policy
We define “compassion” as that which results in the fewest deaths and the least misery.  American military policy in the past 13 years has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths, giant areas of chaos, three nations shattered, a massive, heartbreaking, dangerous refugee crisis, and the birth of a caliphate dedicated to terror.  Aggressive, ill-conceived American military policy has been behind all of it.  All of it could have been prevented if America had behaved in a prudent, level-headed, realistic manner.  Trump, Sanders, Carson, and Rand Paul are the only presidential candidates in 2016 who have spoken truth to this.

National Sovereignty
-Sensible, reciprocal, win-win trade with other nations.  Trump has been advocating for this for decades.
-Advocacy for domestic manufacturing.  Trump has a visceral connection with the blue collar worker.  He may be their first champion in more than a century.
-Energy independence.  Trump supports the harvesting of our resources so we are not dependent on imports.
-Meaningful borders.  It is every country’s prerogative and moral responsibility to have control over who comes in.  Every country owes it to their citizens to protect them from invasion.  America has not had control.  America has failed in its obligation to protect its people.  Our borders have been a joke.  Law-breakers have been rewarded.  Trump is the only candidate who has spoken truth to this.

Law and Order
All Americans deserve safety.  Not just the wealthy.  Many of our streets are not safe.  Many of our communities are war zones, where law-abiding people cannot go about their business unmolested.  This particularly affects black communities across the country.  It has been shown again and again in the last 25 years that proactive policing has dramatically reduced crime and increased safety and encouraged commerce in cities across the nation.  We need proactive cops.  Trump respects the police and the danger and absolute necessity of their jobs.