My mother raised me to be color and gender blind.  I was never, in my family of origin, encouraged to be tribal, to look out for the interests of white people, or of males.  I was taught to be fair, to view everyone with equal validity.  I have always been encouraged to imagine and work toward a multi-cultural and gender-neutral melting pot.

But life has taught me that that’s not what everyone is working toward.  Life has taught me that people are tribal.  I have noticed, while not wanting to notice, that black people stick together.  Mexicans stick together.  Chinese, Jews, and Muslims all tend to stick together.  I resisted noticing this for a long time, but I have come to regard tribalism, group solidarity, as natural and inevitable, as each group seeks to protect and preserve itself.

Reluctantly at first, and now wholeheartedly, I have come to the firm belief that the world will always be balkanized, as each group seeks to preserve its culture and look out for its own.

Contrary to my expectations when Barack Obama was elected, this came into sharper clarity during his presidency.  I saw blacks grow more angry and violent and aggrieved in the last eight years.  I thought the opposite would happen.  I thought by virtue of his mixed race, and his lofty, transcendent, post-racial rhetoric, he would help lead America toward the multicultural utopia in which I had been taught to believe.

But the opposite happened, and I realized Obama was not a uniter.  I came to the realization that he had picked a side, and was advocating exclusively for it.  And I woke up.  I dropped my utopian fantasies.

Clearly, Barack Obama chose to advocate for black people.  And further, he advocated for the toxic, false, zero-sum idea that black Americans were being kept down by white people.  It’s not what I thought he would do, but that’s what he did.

Race is here to stay.  It cannot be transcended.  The same is true for gender.  In spite of all the recent high-falutin’ notions of fluidity, gender remains is an immutable dichotomy.  We humans, like most animals, are divided into male and female camps, and we always will be.  It is the nature of Nature.

I never should have expected Obama to transcend race.  It is not meant to happen.

White people who advocate for the interests of white people have long been called racist.  But blacks advocating for blacks, or Mexicans advocating for Mexicans, or Jews advocating for Jews, or Muslims advocating for Muslims, has always been considered appropriate and permissible solidarity within each of these groups.

So I entertained a couple taboos this past election:  What if I dropped my post-racial fantasies and concerned myself with the interests of white people?  And horror of horrors:  What if I concerned myself with the issues faced by boys and men?  What if I became a champion of Masculinity, indeed of Patriarchy, in resistance to those who claim they are dedicated to its destruction?

To be sure, I have long believed that the fashionable Leftist hostility toward Patriarchy was an unrealistic fantasy, a silly theoretical notion promulgated by childish fools, but I have never, until recently, considered it essential to directly oppose this absurdity, and to become a vocal champion for the glory of the Masculine.

But now I do.  Now, indeed, I believe that Patriarchy, and my glorious European heritage, are very much worth celebrating and defending.

I felt liberated as I contemplated these heresies.  And I realized my foot had been nailed to the floor, for years, by false, unattainable utopian notions like multiculturalism and the abolition of Patriarchy.

If Patriarchy and European-ness were wiped from the planet, I reckon it would be a grim and backward place indeed.  Without Patriarchy and the legacy of Europe, life, for the great majority of people, all across the globe, would be much nastier, more brutish, and much shorter.  The world owes much of its comforts and opportunities to the conquests of Europeans.

Without wishing ill on anyone, I unashamedly advocate for the interests of people of European descent, and for Patriarchy.  European Patriarchs are my forebears, they are the glorious conquerors from which my people are descended.

There is an immense amount to be proud of in this heritage.  I unabashedly sing the praises of their achievements, and am naturally, tribally protective of their heirs and legacies.