Below is a recent email I sent to a family member, with whom I had been discussing the meaning of Trump’s missile strike in Syria.  I have changed the names of people within our circle.

Dear Maggie,

Foreign policy is not complicated.  History, and Nationhood, are governed by very simple laws.  I laid this out in my essay about the three stages of civilization, to which you gave an A+.  Our leaders have made things more complicated than they are.  They have dreamed of options (e.g. “democracy is a panacea everywhere”) that don’t exist.  So many of our leaders apply fantastic, unrealistic templates to the world, with heartbreaking consequences.

I was worried about Trump’s seeming change of direction a couple weeks ago.  But there is no question that Hillary would have been far worse for our nation and for the world.  She is a known and unrepentant warmonger, and we’d likely already be at war with Russia, who is not our enemy, if she had been elected.  My disappointment with Trump is that he did not keep to his campaign pledges to stay the hell out of foreign countries in which America had no interest.  My fear of Hillary was that she would have kept her campaign pledges to meddle everywhere, and attempt to remake the world in America’s image, in spite of our serial massive, catastrophic, failed attempts to do so.  Hillary has an appalling track record of wreaking devastation in the world.  She has been on the wrong side of just about every geopolitical decision made in the last fifteen years.  She had a bad influence on Obama.  I consider her a monster.  So, even with my fear that Trump has veered from realist orthodoxy, I reckon he is immeasurably better than Hillary.  At least with Trump we have the possibility of sensible engagement with the world.  With Hillary there was no such possibility.

And this has nothing to do with women’s issues, which I know are resonant for you.  The irony is that Hillary’s ideology, if carried to its conclusion, render women’s issues moot.  I sincerely believe that modern Democrat women (and their male enablers) don’t know where their rights come from.  Rights exist within a safe polity protected by strong Warriors.  If we don’t protect our nation, then a discussion of rights is irrelevant.  Protection precedes rights.

Women are not natural protectors.  Women are natural nurturers.  Nurture is not possible unless there is a safe place in which to do it.  Men provide that safety.

Our nation denigrates the masculine, and has for at least the last fifty years or so.   This is civilizational suicide.  So many of our men are wimps.  We have lost our will to protect ourselves.  That is the road to hell, to invasion and dismemberment, for any nation.

I am constantly reminded of the Monty Halford [a family friend who shielded his teenage daughter from a boy, here’s the story] story you told me.  Your failure to appreciate the vital, essential role that the masculine protector plays.  It is a perfect anecdote to describe what ails our nation.

I don’t blame you.  It is your nature, as a female, to nurture.  It is not in your nature to protect.  But a healthy family, and a healthy society, is a balance between protector and nurturer, between masculine and feminine.  I don’t sense from you, nor have I ever sensed, an appreciation of the healthy masculine.

Perhaps it’s because your dad did such an inadequate job of protecting you.  Your stories of your upbringing are full of overwhelming mother and passive, absent father.  You didn’t have a strong father modeled for you, so it’s possible you don’t even know what it looks or feels like.  Nor did my sisters.  Nor do 1/4 of white kids, and 3/4 of black kids, in America today.  The collapse of the Masculine in America, and in the West in general, is a deep and profound existential crisis.

If we don’t resuscitate and celebrate the Masculine, if we don’t cherish the primal male impulse to protect what we have, then we will have nothing left to protect.  It may already be too late.

Trump, for all his flaws and bluster, woke many people up to this.  He has aroused a Patriotic impulse in our nation, in me and in many others.  He may be a rogue, but the movement is noble, and much bigger and more important than he is.  Hopefully it endures, and our country can experience a rebirth.

The gnashing, infantile, fascistic leftist mobs who violently terrorize many Trump rallies and conservative events, are symptomatic of the fatherless-ness that afflicts our nation.  It is an anxiety attack that happens in the absence of authority, and in the excess of nurture.  These kids are coddled larvae, arrested in toddlerhood, who express themselves by way of screaming fits.  Such undomesticated liabilities need to be met with resolute firmness and boundaries, vital nutrients that their indulgent families, and our lax society, have failed to provide for them.

Okay, that’s enough ranting for now.  I’ll talk to you soon.