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Toxin #2: Welfare

A devastating take-down of the Democrat legacy on the Black American family.  Click here to watch video.


Toxin #1: Open borders

When a Protector is called a Hater

Actually, open borders aren’t the toxin.  Our open border is the vector, the syringe, Continue reading “Toxin #1: Open borders”

America Loves a Rogue

We love our rogues for President.  We love our bad boys.  We love swagger.  We love the ones who break the rules, Continue reading “America Loves a Rogue”

Cold Anger

Today I read a sublime, poetic description of a powerful, primal, pervasive sentiment percolating across our great country, on one of my favorite web sites, The Conservative Treehouse.  Click here to read it.

Strapping on Balls

Why Trump is a breath of fresh air.  Why he resonates.  How we’ve been sick as a nation.  Click here to see it summed up by another unapologetic Alpha male.

Populism vs. Conservatism

Click here for an excellent summation of the rising Populist movement in the USA.  Published on on 6/17/16.

Black Fathers Matter

Click here to watch a brilliant, compassionate, and understated 5-minute video from Prager University.

If Black Lives Mattered

Black lives most definitely matter.  The safety and security of black Americans is of utmost importance, and Continue reading “If Black Lives Mattered”

American Dream List

Five things I wish the next president would do

You never get everything you want in a President.  We can only pick from Continue reading “American Dream List”

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