Below is an email I sent in the summer of 2016 to a fellow activist in the Trump campaign, trying to convince her to stay involved in the effort, after she had been scathed by some petty backstabbing among local activists.  She was considering dropping out.

I’ve copied the email verbatim, but changed people’s names for their protection.

Hello Sylvia,
I would like to respond to your heretical thought.

I have noticed from the beginning that this campaign makes for strange bedfellows.  There are white supremacists who support Trump.  There are outright idiots who support Trump.  There are petty backstabbers who support Trump.  There are people who don’t know what the heck they are talking about who support Trump.

And, there are people of exceedingly high quality who support Trump, for deeply moral reasons that resonate with me.  Some, I’ve had the pleasure and honor of meeting in person, and working side-by-side with.  You, my dear, are one of them.  You, and a handful of others I’ve met through the Meetup (e.g. Jason, Candice, Michael, Brandon, Danny, Maggie) are my true comrades-in-arms.

There are unsavory people of all types in any campaign, no matter how virtuous the candidate, no matter how righteous the cause.  If I had to take responsibility for all of them, I would never support any candidate, or get behind any cause, ever.

I believe, in my heart, and in my intellect, that this is a morally crucial moment for our country. And if enough of us turn out, we can make a big difference, and affect a mandate for our candidate.  And it will most certainly mean that I am making common cause with many people with whom I have very little in common.  Such is the messy nature of democracy.

It will also mean a new day for our nation.  It will mean renewed hope, safety, and opportunity for many of my countrymen.  This is a rare, fleeting, unlikely moment in our nation’s history.  People like Trump don’t come along very often.  There is a possibility of a moral reset that I have not experienced in my lifetime.  It is exciting, and I am fully aware that we are up against some big, dark, entrenched forces.  These dark forces may win.  But there is a growing army of us who say they must not.  It is a good fight.

I don’t fault you for recoiling from the petty local political schoolyard gossip crap.  I am recoiling as well, in my way.  I am picking and choosing who I work with and how.  I am adjusting how I use the Meetup.  From here out it will be only for social gatherings, like meeting in restaurants, where I can scout for talent.  As for tabling and other promotional activities, I will handpick who is invited to such things.

I very much want to stay connected with you.  At the very least, I want you as a behind-the-scenes advisor.

Take care,