I’m a builder, inventor, writer, reader, fighter, and Patriot.

I believe Patriotism is necessary for the survival and health of a nation.  I believe America today is sorely deficient in Patriots.  Too many people are complaining and not enough people are serving.

I majored in Broadcast Journalism in college, hoping I may one day have my own TV talk show.  It was a pipe dream;  in those days the only way of presenting a talk show was on an existing broadcast or cable network.  This was before YouTube, before the internet was capable of delivering video to the mass consumer.  But now the delivery channels have exploded.  It’s an exciting time to publish media.

I’m a builder.  I work with my hands.  I love dust and sparks and wood and metal and machines and bridges and engineers.  I love industry.  I love tractors and trains and cranes and ships.  I love the human possibilities unleashed by industry.  For the many millions of choices available to us, we are the luckiest people in history.

I am pro-male.  I believe in strong men.  I believe in strong leadership.  I am proud of the pioneers that got us here.  I love learning the stories of explorers, discoverers, inventors, conquerors, great rulers, statesmen, and thinkers.  I think America is the greatest country in history, by far.

And America is a powerful, omnipresent international country.  We are involved all over the world.  I don’t have a problem with this per se, as long as it’s done intelligently.  I believe in trade.  It is a good outlet for industry.  But we must look out for our own.  We must stand by our citizens as we make agreements with other nations.  And we must be in firm control of who gets to come here.  This, to me, is common sense.  Our country has not, in the last 15 years, been led by people with common sense.

Thanks for visiting my blog!  And leave me a comment if you’d like to communicate.  I will be curating the comments and publishing the ones I think merit sharing with others.


Andrew Maxwell

Seattle, WA